Am un prieten plecat prin tari straine care a zis ca in februarie vine in tara, dupa care n-a mai dat nici un semn…


Oare o fi bine? Oare o fi rau? Poate nu mai vine. Si a uitat sa-mi zica si mie.

sursa imagine

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  1. Yamasha says:

    am o colega care a plecat in anglia si dusa a fost, n-am mai auzit nimic de ea.

  2. Stefania Petcu says:

    Cam auzit si eu cazuri din astea..

  3. petty says:

    Well as the story goes…and Gandalf is ALWAYS right… “A wizard is never late RozSauNu,Nor is he early. He arrives precisely when he means to.”

    So after a long and treacherous journey,
    living among the drunk yet lovable leprechauns, fighting the English in Manchester, defeating the beasts beyond the north wall and now waging war in Germany against the savages…

    I’m now home…where the woman are lovely and strong bear-like beer awaits…

    Home for a few days…
    Wait until you shall see me next 🙂

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